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It's a family affair! The Student Literature Fair is an opportunity for families to creatively showcase their love of reading! Similar to a science fair, families of homeschool students will create storyboards portraying particular elements of a fiction book they have read. We encourage families to work together on submitting a single project for one family-favorite read! 

Families of homeschool students in grades K-12 have an opportunity to design and display a board for a fiction book of their choosing, with text, photos, cutouts, etc. Literature Fair display tables will be unmanned, so your family will be able to walk around to enjoy the rest of the event. Expo guests and students will be exposed to a range of book options through the viewing of the display tables. All families who produce a Literature Fair presentation board for the Expo will receive a participation ribbon. Grand Prize winner will be announced an specially awarded. Stay tuned for details.

Many schools throughout Texas host a Literature Fair, and we found a presentation put together by a teacher at one of those schools. You'll enjoy the example boards in this presentation, and we've decided to keep our guidelines similar. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PRESENTATION.

Literature Fair Presentation Board:

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